In Memory of Alan Weinkrantz​

I am dedicating this sunrise to my friend Alan Weinkrantz who passed away yesterday in Tel Aviv. Like a sunrise, Alan had an unbounded energy about him; always there to help someone see; always there to help, to guide and to assist. He gave without taking. Alan made a difference. He helped people connect and […]

In Search Of…The Milky Way

Back in September 2015 I saw the Milky Way for the very first time. I still remember looking up into the darkness of the night sky and seeing the ancient light shining through the Milky Way and thinking about how special the moment was. Ever since, I have become passionate about photographing the Milky Way. To put things in […]

Call for Speakers: Fall 2016 Messaging on the Net (Sep 20-22 in Boston)

As I begin to build the agenda for my Messaging on the Net event this September in Boston, an interesting global community has shown interest in participating. I’ve received submissions covering: Enterprise, Service Providers, Consumers, Developers (APIs, BOTs WebRTC), Privacy/Encryption/Blockchain, Public Policy, Industry Issues and more. The agenda and the timing for the event are extraordinary and a convergence […]

August UnConference: #PulverSSF Stars. Space. The Future.

Stars. Space.The Future. #PulverSSF On August 4-7 2016, I am looking forward to hosting PulverSSF, a new and intimate UnConference with just 40 people who will join me in the unique, non-polluted, dark skies of North and Middle Caicos in the Turks and Caicos Islands. During the event, our guests will celebrate sunrise and sunset, experience stargazing, and […]

A Call for Speakers: MoNage: The Age of Messaging On the Net, Sept 20-22 in Boston

  I am excited to announce a new conference, MoNage, an event which will bring together the worldwide Messaging on the Net Industry. MoNage will explore the communication revolution that connects: voice, photos, video, emoji, text, sound, bots, (and other message sharing objects) between people, and/or machines and what happens next. Fall 2016 MoNage will be taking place September 20 […]

The Keys to the Communications Universe

Next week I return to doing the one thing that I love best – bringing together brilliant, interesting people.  Leaders, visionaries, dreamers and market makers from the worldwide communications industry have accepted my invitation to take part in the Pulver HWC Summit, May 18 – 19 at Testarossa Winery in Los Gatos, CA. I am grateful for […]

My Ghost from DLD New York City

My Ghost at DLD New York City During  DLD New York last week, delegates attending the conference were shown an array of photographs of past DLD speakers. I am grateful to have been a past speaker at DLD. However, when this photo of me appeared, it shocked me a bit since I don’t ever remember […]

The Conversation is starting at Pulver HWC

Special thanks to everyone who shared the information about the breakfasts last week in San Francisco and Palo Alto. Thanks to your help, our breakfast events brought together some pretty amazing people and I’m grateful for the chance to share the Pulver HWC story with everyone. I have future Pulver HWC breakfasts planned for May/June in: New York City, Washington […]

Announcing: PulverSSF – Stars, Space and the Future

“A still more glorious dawn awaits… Not a sunrise, but a galaxy rise. A morning filled with 400 billion suns, the rising of the Milky Way.” – Carl Sagan Stars. Space. The Future. This new un-conference will be held in the unique, non-polluted, dark skies of North and Middle Caicos in the Turks and Caicos Islands. […]

Upcoming “Breakfast with Jeff Pulver” Networking Events

Looking forward to hosting “Breakfast with Jeff Pulver (and friends)” in three locations over the next couple of weeks. March 29th – Boston. RSVP/Details: click here April 6th – San Francisco. RSVP/Details: click here April 7th – Palo Alto. RSVP/Details: click here These breakfasts are sponsored by Pulver HWC, a series of events focusing on […]