The recent announcement of the launch of the Congressional Artificial Intelligence Caucus dictates that it’s time to take action now and  form, by getting commitments for the initial membership.  Ostensibly the goal of the Congressional Caucus is to “inform policymakers of the technological, economic and social impacts of advances in AI and to ensure that rapid innovation in AI and related fields benefits Americans as fully as possible.”  The AI Caucus has already begun meeting with experts and will participate in a congressional briefing hosted by IBM on June 28, with additional events to follow. Your participation now in will help build our position as leaders in this emerging space and provide valuable input as policymakers consider whether to regulate AI-driven services and technologies. will be a nonprofit trade association organized to inform and educate policymakers about emerging AI, chatbot platforms and related technologies and services with the goal of preventing government oversight and regulation. will also provide members timely information on emerging legal issues facing the AIindustry including privacy and data protection, advertising, intellectual property rights, disabilities access, cooperation with law enforcement, insurance, liability, and use by minors.

For a small $2,500 initial annual fee, founding members will have an opportunity to define and guide the work of the organization and, possibly the development of best practices.  We anticipate there will be regular email updates of timely developments in the AI industry and monthly calls to discuss matters requiring immediate member input. We also plan to have a meeting in Washington, DC in the Fall of 2017 where members can demonstrate their technology and discuss regulatory policy with key lawmakers.

Our goal is to get 30 initial members, and start with a budget of $75,000.  That money will be used to form the organization, cover administrative and ongoing legal support.  Over time we hope to have 100 members.  

To learn more about, you can contact Jeff Pulver at or Michael Jablon at  An organizational call has been scheduled for June 20 @ 11:30 AM, Eastern time. The dial in number is (605)-472-5571 and the access code is 342125