By 2025,  I believe we will experience tremendous changes in how we use the Internet. I see a time where our reliance on websites dramatically decline, mobile apps as we know them today may disappear, and we will shift to a new era of communications, driven by the evolution of the Conversational Web.

I created MoNage in 2016 to explore the future of the Conversational Web, ChatBots and Messaging industries. The MoNage community continues to grow and bring together leaders and thinkers from around the world who are helping to define this new communications space.

Fall 2017 MoNage will be taking place at the Boston Public Library.  MoNage is organized in two parts: the MoNage ChatBot Summit (Oct 24)  and the MoNage Conference (Oct 25-26).  At the ChatBot Summit, we will be looking at both ChatBot Platforms and ChatBot Applications. We will also showcase and demonstrate a variety of ChatBots from across different business verticals.

At Fall 2017 MoNage, some of the topics we will be exploring include: ChatBots (applications and platforms),  Messaging Platforms (RCS, SMS, IP Messaging), Natural Language Interfaces, AI, AR/VR, Millennials, Gen Z, Unified Communications, Deep Learning, Public Policy, and Security.  For my friends from the VoIP Industry, this is where the future of IP Communications will unfold. We will witness service creation ideas which interconnect the visions of the past with the possibilities of today.

The “Call for Speakers” is now open until May 25th. I am looking forward to another amazing lineup of speakers and topics – and you can participate! If you are interested in speaking, please click here to apply. Your help would be appreciated if you can spread the Call for Speakers amongst your greater community.  I appreciate your help in growing MoNage.