I am dedicating this sunrise to my friend Alan Weinkrantz who passed away yesterday in Tel Aviv. Like a sunrise, Alan had an unbounded energy about him; always there to help someone see; always there to help, to guide and to assist. He gave without taking. Alan made a difference. He helped people connect and share their story. He loved connecting the dots and helping others. Alan was a storyteller and helped many of my friends tell their story. Alan helped ignite the flames of love, hope and opportunity in those he touched and his life work shows this. Alan was a man of passion; for his family, of Israel, music, technology and photography. Alan was a friend of mine when I needed one and we shared a lot of good times together. Alan left behind many digital breadcrumbs which will make you smile and laugh. Alan found that balance that empowered him to give and share while earning a living doing what he loved. Alan was a character and a key part of the soul behind the #140conf events I did. He was a strong supporter and did everything he could to just help. I worked with Alan professionally for many years in the days of VON and I will forever be grateful for the year he invested which resulted in having a profile story about me written in the Wall Street Journal. Alan went out of his ways for his friends and he helped in ways that words can not describe. I am grateful he came out to meet me on a cold winter day last year when I was recovering from shoulder surgery and we had a chance to walk around Gantry Plaza State Park together. Grateful for his active pushing of me to speak at SXSW and all of the many things he did behind the scenes which added to the work I did. Grateful that Alan drove me to Mitzpe Ramon last September where I saw the Milky Way for the very first time. Alan was a proud father and loved talking about his kids. As I am writing this I am still in shock of his passing. Alan is someone who will be remembered as a kind and giving soul. A man who had an impact on my life and so many others. A man who I loved and one that I will miss and someone who was my friend. My condolences to Alan’s family and all of his friends.