Back in September 2015 I saw the Milky Way for the very first time. I still remember looking up into the darkness of the night sky and seeing the ancient light shining through the Milky Way and thinking about how special the moment was. Ever since, I have become passionate about photographing the Milky Way. To put things in perspective, thanks to Light Pollution, one third of the world and 80% of the Americas can no longer see the Milky Way. This in turn has been the inspiration behind a special conference I am hosting in August in the Turks and Caicos.

If you have ever dreamed about spending nights looking up into the night sky and seeing and hearing shooting stars and seeing the Milky Way, my new Un Conference, “Stars, Space and The Future” may be for you. On August 4-7, I am hosting an intimate gathering of friends from around the world under the “dark skies” of North Caicos and Middle Caicos in the Turks and Caicos. So far the friends who signed up are passionate about diverse topics such as: astrology and astronomy, music, spirituality, mindfulness, science and science fiction.  The conference will be a place to share individual passions, make new friends and, weather permitting, enjoy the stargazing at a level most people in the world can not otherwise experience.

For this event, the attending community is limited to 40+ people. At the moment there are 23 seats still available. If you, or someone close to you would enjoy this experience, please feel free to share this post with them. For more information, please visit: If you have any questions, please feel to email me directly –

Hope to see you in August!

Hugs, Jeff

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