On August 4-7 2016, I am looking forward to hosting PulverSSF, a new and intimate UnConference with just 40 people who will join me in the unique, non-polluted, dark skies of North and Middle Caicos in the Turks and Caicos Islands. During the event, our guests will celebrate sunrise and sunset, experience stargazing, and have the opportunity to share visions, new ideas and passion. Each night we will go for space explorations; watching the Milky Way setting, observing planets in our solar system, and beyond, and peeping into the depth of the cosmos.Photo Apr 02, 2 17 55 AMPhoto Feb 07, 7 58 41 PMPhoto Feb 07, 4 08 51 AM

We will be bring together fans of astronomy, astrology, spirituality, photography and more, to share their thoughts. We are looking for Amateur and Professional Astro-photographers, Spiritual Seekers, Futurists, Science Fiction fans, Space scientists (and others) to share their thoughts, tackle challenging problems, and show off the latest tech toys and hardware hacks.

We are not only carrying in our blood – each one of us – the chemistry of the stars (stardust) but out there, undoubtedly, lie our future. Together we will try to figure where we are going, and what are the prevailing trends. And most important, for three days we will get back from on-line chat to the vanishing art of face-to-face conversations.

Pulver SSF will be taking place August 4-7, 2016 in the Turks and Caicos.

For 2016 we will room for 40 people to join us. Please visit: http://pulverSSF.com for more information.