I am excited to announce a new conference, MoNage, an event which will bring together the worldwide Messaging on the Net Industry. MoNage will explore the communication revolution that connects: voice, photos, video, emoji, text, sound, bots, (and other message sharing objects) between people, and/or machines and what happens next. Fall 2016 MoNage will be taking place September 20 – 22 at The Boston Public Library Meeting Space in Boston, MA.  (more information can be found on http://MoNage.io)

I continued to be obsessed with exploring how people communicate. I’ve spent much of 2016 curating breakfast meet ups to talk to people who are creating value in this space. I’ve met with leaders from the communications ecosystem, entrepreneurs, startup founders, developers, and certainly called on my extensive network from the VON community to discuss this universal concept of human communication. These discussions have revealed clearly – messaging is a about to go through a meteoric growth, challenging our assumptions about the place apps and browser platforms have in our lives.

With today’s “Call for Speakers” I am looking for: creative, out-of-the-box thinkers to come forward and pitch me something relevant they would like to discuss from inside the respective worlds of:

– Messaging business models
- Evolution / History of Internet Messaging
- Customer needs / stories
- Standards
- Developer / APIs
- Public Policy
- (and more…)

My goal is to bring together an incredible cast of characters with compelling stories, vision, and conviction to both lead and contribute to the discussions: leaders and upstarts, startups, visionaries and dreamers, big money and disrupters who want to lead the growth of an industry. VON was a great ride – I think MoNage (“The Age of Messaging on the Net”) will be even greater.

Think about what YOU could contribute to the dialog, and who you may know who would be interested in being part of this event. I would appreciate your help in spreading awareness of this new conference.

If you are interested in speaking or sponsoring Fall 2016 MoNage, and or would like to suggest a speaker or sponsor please follow the link http://MoNage.io – The deadline for speaking proposals is: Friday, June 24 but the first to be nominated will be the first I consider for the event.

Please help me spread the news about this conference.