“The Voice Awakens”

Many of you who know me may be aware I have been involved in the communications industry since 1995. And back in April, 1997 in San Francisco, I hosted the first VON conference which quickly evolved into the gathering place for the pioneers in Internet communications. Many a startup was born and introduced at VON. I helped create a place where innovation happened, a place where we explored a lot of topics from protocols to public policy and VON was the place where you could find the evolving ecosystem.

Today I am happy to announce my 2016 plans to launch Pulver HWC (as in “How We Communicate”) and host two planned events – a two day Summit in May in Silicon Valley (May 18-19) and a three day Conference in September in Boston (September 20-22).

Pulver HWC will bring together people interested in the future of communications: voice, video, messaging, virtual reality, augmented reality, and terms we haven’t heard yet.

Since the advent of Internet communications, Trillions of IP based messages have been created (in the form of voice, video, text) and I believe in relative terms we are only at the beginning of a ongoing evolution of communications. Where we were is not where we are, and where we are is not where we will be in the ways we will eventually communicate (imagine full body hologram real time communications — something that could be the “norm” in the near future if the stars align).

Let’s talk. I’m at the very early stages for the planning of these events and I am looking for: delegates, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors to help manifest this new conference series. I am looking to bring back members of the VON community together with everyone who has entered the communications industry since we last met. I am looking for ideas on how to make this happen and I’m listening. Your feedback would be appreciated. Please help spread the news about the launch of Pulver HWC with those you feel would be interested in where we may be going.

The Pulver HWC “Call for Community” can be found here: http://pulverHWC.com

Hope your 2016 is off to a great start.

Warm hugs, Jeff