Please join me at 6:00 PM on Thursday April 30th in Washington, DC for a reception celebrating the 20th anniversary of the commercial Internet.

The decommissioning of the NSFNET backbone on April 30, 1995 was the final step in the process of privatizing the Internet.

“Internet Independence Day” was convened on short notice, because we did not want the 20th anniversary milestone to pass without recognition.

The event is hosted by a group “tech elder” friends working on a roadmap for the coming gigabit age:

John Perry Barlow, lyricist and activist
Mark Cuban, Founder, AXS TV
Tim Draper, founder, Draper Fisher Jurvetson
Tom Evslin, founder & former, CEO ITXC
Dave Farber, Professor Emeritus, CMU and Board Member ISOC
Charlie Giancarlo, Sr Advisor, Silver Lake
George Gilder, author
John Gilmore, activist
Brian Martin, Chairman and CTO, 8×8
Bob Metcalfe, Professor, University of Texas and inventor of Ethernet
Ray Ozzie, creator Lotus Notes, former CTO Microsoft
Michael Robertson, CEO,
Les Vadasz, former EVP, Intel

RSVP with Daniel Berninger via for all the logistics.

Hope to see you there.

Hugs, Jeff